Rackmount Solutions supports local and state government agencies through engineering, management of projects and installation of custom systems designed to meet your needs. We provide scalable complete solutions that increase energy efficiency, meet government standards, increase productivity and reduce costs. Our team will work directly to find a solution from the early design, to the staging and testing, to the final installation at your site.

projectProject Size

No project is too small or too large for us to assist with. We’re prepared with a variety of options or custom solutions for any application. From a single cabinet to a full data center, from critical power with DC voltages from 5Vdc to 380Vdc and AC voltages 110Vac to 480Vac, from single phase to three phase. The size of your project will never be an issue for us.


Rackmount Solutions has a strong reputation in the IT Networking, Datacom, and Telecom community garnering a 5-star rating on Google and TrustPilot, while our ISO 9001:2008 records show a customer satisfaction rating of 98% or better for 6 years in a row.


With strong manufacturing and distribution relationships, Rackmount Solutions has the partnerships in place to provide custom products and systems to meet both your State or Local Government budget as well as ensure timely delivery and customer service.

productsProduct Offering

Below is a basic overview of the product categories and relationships Rackmount Solutions can utilize for your solution. If you need a specific product from a specific manufacture our relationships are more extensive than this list. We also carry multiple products on our GSA Schedules including:

IT70 – Information Technology
71 – Furniture
81 I B – Shipping/Packing Supplies

  • DC Power – GE, Eltek, Delta
  • UPS – Eaton, GE, Minuteman, Clary, Liebert
  • Inverters – CE+T, Delta, Exeltech, Clary
  • Batteries – EnerSys, Exide (GNB), Northstar, Ritar
  • Indoor Racks & Cabinets – Tripp Lite, APC, Middle Atlantic, Kendall Howard
  • Outdoor Cabinets – Eltek, Rackmount Solutions, Hoffman, and Purcell Systems
  • Custom Racks & Enclosures – Rackmount Solutions
  • Cooling Solutions – Liebert, Amercool, Hoffman (McLean), ICEcube…
  • LTE & Microwave Solutions – Rackmount Solutions
  • and more…

installState and Local Government Services

  • Installation
  • Capacity Testing
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Consulting/Engineering
  • Hot Cutovers
  • Battery Recycling
  • Test and Integration
  • Order Staging and Kitting
  • Site Surveys
  • and More…

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